Entry 1, March 20th

So, We’re in Mombasa now, and it is really, really freaking hot out here. it’s a humid heat and it makes you sticky and gross almost instantly.

It’s really actually quite beautiful out here if it weren’t for the heat, I would love it.

I really wish i had rememebered to bring my camera to the computer room so I could post some pictures

so yeah, it’s tuesday march 20th right now, 8:00AM

Arrival in Mombasa

We have arrived safely in Mombasa. It's really hot here, especially in comparison to Amsterdam and Vancouver where we were freezing. When we arrived at the airport, the Kipevu Primary students were there waiting for us with the same sign as in the previous years: "Stratford Hall School   welcome to   Kipevu Primary School" (something like that). We walked to the parking lot where there were more students waiting for us and singing.

Finally Here!

Hello Everyone!

Today is our first official day in Mombasa after our 3 day journey here. We arrived yesterday, but we slept most of the time. Now we don't feel quite so jet-lagged.

The reception that we go from Kipevu Primary School at the airport was phenomenal! I was expecting a huge welcome (because I saw the video footage from the other groups who went before), but I wasn't expecting it like that. Ms. Phillips recorded it, so the rest of you can see it on her blog or at assembly when we come back.

First Day in Kenya

Our trip from Vancouver to Mumbasa so far has been long and tireing. We have been celebrated upon our arival, and watched the students of Kipevu dance and sing for us. They had smiles that lit up their faces, and such a joy surrounding them. They reached out their hands to touch ours, feeling and sharing the expereince of human touch. Their hands were tiny, and eyes so big. They danced and sang for us, seemingly not caring for the scorching heat pounding down upon them. Their dances were so free, so full of life and vitality.

Final Countdown

Our departure time is less that eight hours away. My floor is strewn with things to pack - a pile that has been acumulating for the last week. Yesterday was the last day of school before spring break and I was running around school trying to cross more things off my to-do list than I added to it. All the while, however, students and colleagues stopped to wish me a safe trip and passed me letters, gifts and greetings to send to the students and teachers at Kipevu Primary.

Still Hot

Day 4:Friday

The work of a full day

For today, the main focus on our work for Kipevu was all about writing a letter or a composition to be sent to Stratford Hall. They were to be filled with things that students and teachers would like to know about how the Kipevu students live. For these letters, the group talked about including certain themes such as where they get their water, and what they do in their lives besides attending school. The students we focused on teaching today were more in the higher grades, looking more at grades 5, 6, 7, and 8.

Karibu to our Second Week


The Beach !!

Hello Again!