Jambo to all!

Jambo Everybody,

Mombasa has been extremely wonderful so far! I have to say I at least expected to see what I saw, especially the slums and the school. There have been lots of highlights for everybody! One of my favorite highlights was on wednesday. I was brought to a grade 6 class with no teacher! It would seem a bit scary at first, but it was the best thing that's ever happened to me that day!

A Global Gathering (fund-raiser)

Stratford Hall

An evening to celebrate our global outreach initiatives

Friday December 3, 2010

6:30 – 11pm

3000 Commercial Drive

Featuring student presentations and a keynote address from Roshan Thomas founder of Sparks Academy in Afghanistan

Asante Sana, Kenya.

I'm back at home now.  And not.  It is Sunday morning in Vancouver and students at Kipevu Primary have finished another Monday, another chance to get out of the slums.

I think we covered about 31,000 km in total travel distance on the trip--a big first step.

Mubarikiwe sana

Friday, June11th 5AM-Monday June 14th 9PM
Mombasa Kenya.
I was not expecting this. I was not expecting to be up at 5 in the morning, in the dark, listening to the call to prayer on the coast of the Indian Ocean in Mombasa, Kenya. I was not expecting my first blog post to be 1 week into the trip (report cards are done now). I was not expecting to have taken almost no pictures.

El Fin

You never really know how much you are going to miss someone until the people you are going to miss are gone from your lives. This is how i feel now that the Kipevu Primary kids are gone from our lives. Its not that they are officially gone, but the chances of seeing them again are very small (unless I come back next year).

So saying goodbye was really difficult as the students handed us final letters of goodbye.

The closing ceremonies were just as extravagant as the opening and i wish i could write more, but we have limited computer time.



Last Day at Kipevu

I am both happy and sad that this was our final day at Kipevu, but mostly, I am so proud to be a part of our first connection with the school, as well as Aga Khan Academy. Today, we went to classes 3 and 4, and had some time to play games and teach them about Canada. Again, the parents and teachers cooked a delicious lunch for us, which was rice, goat (?) stew, fresh salad with cilantro, and deep fried chicken (that I swear I saw walking around in the slums haha).

Kipevu, Saying Good-bye

Hi everyone,

Today was our lst day at the Kipevu school, Meme cried a bit but  no one else did, although i wanted to, for i was going to miss the kids and friends that i made there alot. I hope i can go back next year. But then again i want someone else to take my place ,to expiernce the friendship and great hospitality.

Day 5

hello everyone! So here are some updates: Today is day five!! So much happened today, our friendship with them has build up! Most of us receive letters from our Kipevu friends; I received 3 letters, 2 photos, and a necklace from my them: I was thrilled, because a photo or an necklace means a lot to them, but they are willing to give it out! Also, every students want our phone numbers and emails! So for almost an hour I was sitting down writing. We've all became super stars:D I think today was my best day since my arrival because we've all bonded.




Safety always seems to be a concern for parents when sending thier children off to faraway places. Before  we came, we heard all the horror stories of impoverished places, and it would seem that we were a bit apprehensive because of it.


Festivities and Hospitality Record 3



Monday morning we all got ready for our first day at KP. Before we piled into the vans, we were told we would not be going straight to KP, but instead be stopping off at the Municipal Offices.