My Thoughts so Far

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't been blogging, but when I tried to do one yesterday, the computer shut down on me.

Festivities and Hospitality Record 2

As promised, I am documenting the next phase we experienced pertaining to my topic.


Day 5

We're just about to head out for our fifth day at Kipevu school.  I can't believe our time with them is almost over.  The time has gone by so quickly.  I was about to write that it's our fifth day of volunteering at Kipevu, but realized that to phase it as volunteer work would be an error.  We are learning just as much, if not more, from them as they are from us.  I forgot to mention in my last post just how intelligent their students are, and they lear

Akamba tribe

Kenya has so far been great, food is great, accomodations great, food great (although at times repetetive, BEANS AND RICE) and the people are wonderfull. Today after visting Kipevu where we mapped out the school, finished our library work and sat in on some Grade 5 classes. We visited an area home to the Akamba tribe, the wood carving tribe. Also a very poor area and people they are masters of their craft, craving wood, ebony wood, rosewood, mohogany, almost everything.

Asante Sana

So this is Day 4 and we just finished another great dinner here in AKAM. But before that we went to finally explore the area aroudn the AKAM compound with Mr. Campanella. A few of us stayed behind at the school, but most of us went and looked at the little shops and street vendors that lined the beautiful coast. The water was a deep dark blue and the waves were less than five meters away from the viewing ledges. The culture here is so relaxed that there were people just sitting on rocks that faced the water, probably having contemplative moments staring out at the ocean.

By the sea side

Today we walked along the water front. Actually, the Agakon School is steps away from the Indian Ocean so it was really easy to get there, that is once we got through the hordes of cars and crazy traffic.

Mombasa trip - Amazing/tiring/exilerating/all of the above

So we have now completed day three of our visits to Kipevu Primary school.  I am happy to say that the trip is going even better than expected.  I am so happy with our students. 

Festivities and Hospitality Record 1

As we were all given jobs, I figured I should start recoding what I have noticed... (a bit of anthro, anyone?).  My topic will very likely be coming up many times throughout the trip... some of the big events are govt' meeting , opening ceremonies, closing ceremonies, World Cup (!), and AKAM Grad. So far we have experienced the first two.


Finally Here:)

I cannot believe we are finally here! It still feels surreal.

For some  reason I have a hard time processing the fact that I am actually in Kenya! We have done so much since we arrived 4 days ago, it has all gone by in a blur. I really want it to slow down.

Oh Canada


Today is day 3 in Kipevu Primary school and we visited around the classrooms and got to talk to a lot of the students and the teachers. We visited Class 8,7,6 in that order and after that we went to the choir practice.

It is so interesting how they teach their classes! Most of the time in SH we learn with a very comfortable dynamic between the teacher and the student. A lot of times we are free to speak when we want. However, even for the oldest students (Grade 8s) they are very strict and rigid between students and teachers.