It's been a while since i've posted anything, being caught up in a whirlwind of activities, exams, and classes. As I trudged through the parade of exams, an interesting idea was presented, by a guest to our weekly meetings: maybe school is more rigourous at Kipevu... perhaps we take for granted the opportunity to learn and grow in an environment where we have teachers supporting us each step of the way. Our "difficult classes" and "hard exams" may even pale in comparison to what the Kipevu students are expected to memorize and understand.

Nuevas Fronteras

Language is a barrier that people must overcome every time they travel to a new country. En Canada, es una problema y un beneficio. La mayoria de las personas en Canada tienen una segunda idioma. Hopefully in Kenya, we wont be speaking only in English because their other official language is Swahili. 
En un nueva pais es importante que sumerga nosotros mismos en la cultura del pais.