Day 2

 Jambo, jambo. Day 2 was a huge suuccess for the kids. While the thought of traveling half way around the world to paint school classrooms with no AC in stiffling heat while covered in paint during your spring break may not appeal to most students, the 10 for Stratford Hall proved that fun can be had anywhere. Leading up to this day I was a bit worried that I would consistently have to nag the students to get to work and finish the job but this was not the case. 

Going into the day we prepped the kids to ensure they took numerous water breaks and pace their level of effort. These words feel on deaf ears as the students had to be dragged away from painting for snack breaks and lunch! It might have been the shear spectacle we appeared to be to the Kipevu kids that kept us working so long, or the camaradere we felt working together or even Paul's loud rock music that inspired use to finish off one complete classroom and most of the outside of the building. All this while under the wacthful gaze of an ever expanding audience of Kipevu students. The bus ride home after a long day of painting was full of high spirits and the now regular shenanigans, including the new video series Serious Discussions on a Safari Bus, a giant sing-a-long, shouts of mizungu and general traffic anarchy.

Tomorrow the students spend the day shadowing their Aga Khan buddies and attend regular DP classes. In the afternoon one group of sudents will be purchasing textbooks, and supplies for Kipevu Primary, Nuru Orphanage and Port Rietz School for the Disabled whiile another group plans ot our assessment strategy for Nuru/Port Rietz and prepares fun activities for our KenCada visit.

Habari ya jioni,