Kenya Day 6

Jambo! It's day 6 in Kenya and we're all having the best time. We've met so many students from both Aga Khan Academy and Kipevu, along with many teachers from each school. Today, we shadowed students at Aga Khan, and we were able to experience the IB program in a totally different way. Although there was no AC in the classrooms, we still had a very enjoyable time with all our new friends here at the Academy.

After posting this, Paul, Daniel, Emily, Khalid, Mr. Nystad and I will be comparing criteria for Nuru Orphanage and Port Reitz, and how we as a group can assist one of them. The rest of the group is out buying workbooks for the grade 8 students at Kipevu. Later on tonight, the entire group will be accompanying our buddy students to their family dinners at AKA. The family dinners are meals with your fellow residents and dorm parents.Tomorrow, we will hopefully be able to finish painting at Kipevu, with the help of some AKA students.

Overall, our experience has been extraordinary, and I'm very excited to see what's in store for the next few days. It will be sad to say goodbye to all the Kipevu and AKA students, but the time we've had with them will be cherished forever.