Khalid and Gavin blog post

Last day at Kipevu:
For our last day at Kipevu, we brought some Aga Khan students with us to help finish painting the grade 8 classrooms. We all ate a delicious meal together for our lunch. The Aga Khan students found it very heart warming how we are reaching out to schools across the world in need of help. The day at Kipevu ended with a large closing ceremony. This ceremony lasted for about an hour. The head teacher at Kipevu, Mr. Kombo, invited many local guests, parents and teachers to join this ceremony. Some individuals on the ministry of education for Kenya were also present. The guest of honour was "Brother Michael" or "Mr. Michael" (Mr. McGuire). During the ceremony many speeches were made about the help Stratford hall has provided and the success at Kipevu. The students also preformed some songs and dances for us. The ceremony concluded with the launch of the Afro-pad. This consisted of a description and demonstration of what and how the Afro-pad is used.

Nuru is a primary school for orphans and vulnerable children. The school provides meals and housing for the students. When we got to the school we had to walk down for about half a kilometre to the school as it is on a large hill. When we got there we saw the the school had a newley donated dinning hall and dormitory. However the school lacked in teaching staff, sufficient washrooms and water supply, and classroom supplies. The school gets funding from the government in the form of workbooks. When were given a tour of the school, our guide Hemed became emotional while talking about who had donated the money for the newly constructed dining hall because he wanted to visit the school but couldn't because he had cancer and eventually passed away. The school had 4 classrooms for all 8 grades because there weren't enough teachers and not enough classrooms.

Port Reitz:
Port Reitz is a school for children who have disabilities. The school has been around since 1965 so it has been more successful than other schools. The school has enough classrooms, enough teachers and has many sponsers from around the world but there weren't enough wheelchairs for some students and the sidewalk had some bricks removed. Although it was extremely emotional seeing these sick and disable children, we believe schools like Nuru and Kipevu are more in need of our donations and support.