Khalid's Entry

Our first day at Kipevu Primary was amazing. As we approached the school in our two buses, the students lined the streets and started chanting and cheering.
We first went to the head teachers office. He welcomed us and requested us signed the guest book. After each one of us finished signing the guest book, we went and met all the teachers and had a short introduction. During this time, the 800+ students of Kipevu were anxiously waiting in the courtyard to meet us.
When we went out to finally meet the students, they welcomed us with a small ceremony and dance. This dance resulted in a large group dance with loud music. Every single Stratford Hall student and Kipevu student were on their feet dancing.
We were taken on a tour of the campus and shown all the contributions that Stratford Hall has made. Over the past few years I have heard so much about our school's involvement in helping Kipevu, however it never really hit me. I never knew how big of an impact we have made. Not only the students, but also the teachers at Kipevu had so much respect for us.

Every student at Kipevu looked up to us and treated us like celebrities. They would watch and stare at our every movement and always try to get a high five.

During our second visit to Kipevu, we started painting the grade 8 classrooms. The students of Kipevu would crowd behind as and watch us paint. It was amazing to see students so engaged with our actions. Whenever one of us waved or smiled, 10 would wave or smile back.