Habari ya subuhi families! Today was our first day visiting Kipevu primary school and it was a very memorable experience. There is somethig magical about drivinng up to the entrance of Kipevu school and having all the students singing, waving, chanting and smiling as you drive in that brings a huge grin to your face. 

The welcomings at Kipevu have become a bit of a legend over the years and ths was no exception. Whereas in years past the ceremony was very formal, with long speeches, and guest speakers; we now have tours of all the different projects Stratford Hall has supported, guest book signings and then a massive dance party! I am sure the massive dane party was actually an impromptu event and came about by accident but it was fun none the less. Seeing the 10 Stratford Hall students dancing to the latest Kenyan pop hits while surrounded by 100 Kipevu students was a vey cool site. Paul recieved the loudest cheer of the day for some sideways hat wearinng, foot stomping moves that fired up the grade 8 classes.

Daniel McGuire and myself taught an unexpected english lessonn to a grade 7 class when the teacher anounced to the class tat we wold be taking over. Young Mr. McGuire quickly stepped up to the job and proved to be a great assistant in marking the students' work. 

Tomorrow the real work begins painting the grade 8 classrooms, of which there are three. On Thursday we willl be accompanied by a small group of Aga Khan students, which is very exciting.