Last day at Kipevu

 Thursday was our final day at kipevu with the kids. We finished painting the grade 8 classrooms and started to paint the library. We also brought a few of the Aga Khan students with us. The school then had a closing ceremony for us where they performed dances and songs, and a few speeches from teachers. They also launched the new Afro pad project.

We also visited two other schools: the Nuru orphanage, and the Port Reitz school for disabled. Nuru is a small boarding school for orphans located on the hillside of a very poor area. There are not very many students and they have quite poor living conditions but they still manage to score quite well on their final exams. They have water from a well for most of the year, but dries up during certain months it is not clean for drinking. They've recently built a new cafeteria and dorm, but the children still have to walk a few hundred meters in the dark to get to the washroom. The classrooms are also very small and packed, and are difficult to climb into. There is also no wall around the school. Port Reitz is a school in better condition that helps kids with physical disabilities. Many of the kids are in wheel chairs and crutches and the school does not have enough for all of the students.