Paul's Blog post 2

These past few days have been very emotionally difficult because we had to both say goodbye to the kids at Kipevu that we have been seeing this past week, as well as we had the impossible task to decide what school we should focus our funding on most next. Our options were between Nuru, an orphanage/school and Port Reitz, a school for mainly mentally and physically disabled children. In order to do this we needed to decide what school is currently in more need than the other. We had to split up into different groups all looking for specific criterions: student life (how happy the students seemed), materials and resources (supplies in the classrooms), facilities, urgency of money required, sustainability of the school. Now all that remains is to come together and decide.

Lastly today we had a relaxing day, in the morning we went to Kipevu one last time to see our work on the grade 8 classes as well as we went to a wood carving village and bought some souvenirs to take home with us.

Goodbye from Aga Kahn Academy in Mombasa, Kenya