Paul's Entry

It is now day 5 in Mombasa. After landing in Mombasa Airport we were greeted by over 100 students from KIPEVU primary school. We were given a brief introduction by the head of school accompanied by welcoming songs and dances. Despite wanting to stay we were all exhausted and needed showers after over 24 hours spent travelling. We settled into out dorm rooms at Aga Khan Academy had dinner and a very short tour of the campus. Saturday we visited a school located in a village with no income half of the year called Jipe Moyo. A relatively new school from K-2 founded by several uneducated women who got together under a tree and decided that they needed to keep the children safe as well as teaching them to survive by themselves. Sunday was our break day we went to a resort on the waterfront where I burned to a crisp. Monday and Tuesday we visited KIPEVU a school in the slums of Mombasa were we had another opening ceremony and painted all morning on Teusday. Today, Wednesday, we shadowed students at the Aga Khan untill lunch time.

So far these 5 days have been some of the hottest and most humid days ever, yet also some of the most amazing days of my life. Seeing the lives of people living in such conditions and expected to succeed in such a harsh environment has been more than eye-opening.