Working With Kipevu

 On Monday the 16th, I went into the bus at Aga Khan and drove about 20 minutes away to an entirely different world. This was one of the many slums of Mombasa and in the centre of it was Kipevu Primary school. Entering into the schoo was amazing, around 800 students and teachers were awaiting our arrival and spilling out of the gates to greet us.It was really emotional for me to see so many people who knew my name and were excited to meet me. I understood the importance of charity in that moment and understood how something I donated to was actually having a significant impact on a persons life. Our tour guide Hamed said something interesting to me earliar on and that is "Education is Inheritance, people can steal your money and your possessions but they can never still your knowledge and your mind". Something that I had taken for granted my whole life was a priveledge for other people. Right after we went through the gates, we were introduced to teachers and met with the head of school. After that, we were able to meet the children. They threw a dance party for us in our honour with a DJ and everything. All the children I met were very nice and were very enthusiatic about our visit. The energy they gave off was happiness and wonder when they interacted with us. Something that was interesting to me though was that not all of the children were children, some of the people in grade 8 were around my age or even a year or two older.We had a huge dance party and I was able to meet tons of people and take pictures with them. All the children wanted to give handshakes or high fives and dance as a way of greeting which I loved. Some of the older girls in grade 8 I especially connected with because of the age similarity and I was able to talk to them about boys and singing and about their family life. It was amazing to see the similarities in teenagers all around the world no matter the circumstance and events. We came back to the school the next day to help paint the walls. After a dance and song to greet us, we got right to work painting the entire block 8.The painter who worked with us (Darius) was shy but very kind. He showed us how to mix paint and how to apply it. We worked on the walls for about 4 hours and were able to complete half of block 8! It felt really good to help out so even though the work was hard, I had a really good time. Going into this experience, I was not looking forward for the day where we would have to pain because of the heat and the fact that I was not feeling my best the day before. During the experience, I really relaxed and enjoyed myself, it was also a good bonding experience for everyone on the trip. Also when we were painting, many of the Kipevu kids came to the windows and would stick their hands in and just watch us. They were super interested in what we were doing and wanted to talk to us. All of the kids I can honestly say were so friendly and were so sweet it made me feel awesome for helping them out. I am excited to see everyone again on Thursday and am sad to leave but happy for the pleasure of meeting such awesome kids. 


Something I promised to one of the teachers: to talk about renovating the kitchen and starting a hot lunch program with the school